Of Books and Fuzzy Socks

Ask my parents, ask my friends, heck, feel free to ask me, but just about everyone will tell you I live on the rather unorganized side of life. Trust me on this.

You can also ask those same people what books mean to me and pretty much all of us will tell you the same thing. Books are life for me. Reading and writing has made me more appreciative of the world, myself, and has overall increased my appetite for life.

Which is why I’ve been incredibly frustrated about my 120+ books in the basement. Yes, 120 or more books packed away into boxes, completely unorganized and for the most part completely forgotten about unless I wanted to read one of the books. Which always was a hassle because I’d have to go into the basement, pull out the boxes and try to find the book I wanted. The boxes were tremendously heavy and stacked on each other and then stacked on shelves. More often than not I’d wind up hurting myself in some form or another.

Being a book lover is a dangerous occupation you know.

Over the holiday break my mom and I worked together to change that. And it’s lifted a tremendous weight off my shoulders. I now have all my books in the house and all within easy reach.

Ok, go back and ask those people I told you about at the start how often I buy books. My mom says it’s a bit of an addiction and honestly, I kind of agree. Well did.

As I stood in front of my bookshelves, I realized just how many books I had and I felt this warm excitement grow in me. I had no desire to buy any more books, which I realized I did to make sure that I still owned books, that they were in easy reach for me, to prove to myself that yes these books are real and yes they are yours to read and they are in easy reach for you.



With that realization came relief, and with that came a total lack of desire to buy more books. I have so many that it’s my own personal library! Small by some standards, but for me? It’s like a kingdom. I literally have over 100 books to choose from, some are gifts, some are random chances, some are classics and some are…well I’ll have to read them to find out, they’ve got pretty covers at any rate. The excitement that filled me shoved aside any need for new books.

I’m still pretty shocked myself.

A lot of my fellow book worms, dragons, and so on, (there’s many of us and we have many names you know), are making a lot of reading goals, it being the start of the year and all.

For me, my goal is to just enjoy the books I have, and when I finish one I can decide if I want to keep it or pass it on. I’ll still be getting some books to complete series or using store credit at the used bookstore. But with my TBR list being over 500 books, I’m pretty satisfied with just sticking with the books I have for now and reading though them.

But that’s not to say you can’t buy me books for my birthday. I am always up for books for my birthday. You should totally buy me books! And fuzzy socks. Dumbledore was right, socks are one of the best gifts you can get.

What about you? Are you going easy on yourself with your reading and life goals like me this year or do you have massive plans for yourself? More importantly, what’s your take on fuzzy socks?


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