2016 Horror Reading Challenge

Horror is one of my favorite genres hands down. If a book is mostly one genre and has an element of horror in it, there’s a good chance I’ll wind up liking it. If a book is straight up horror, psychological or otherwise, I will read it.

I grew into horror. I’ve always had a fascination with it, reading short stories by Edgar Allen Poe and others at a young age, but it’s only been as an adult that I’ve really started hunting down horror novels.

Which is why I got so excited when I stumbled upon Cornerfolds: 2016 Horror Reading Challenge.


Sign. Me. Up. This is the perfect excuse for me to read those horror books on my shelf (which is sadly very few) and also find new books. I’m really excited about this. As I’m aiming to read mostly books I own, I’m keeping the goal rather on the low side and aiming for Brave Reader (read/review 6-10 horror books).

Just as a heads up, I read Asylum last year and that post will show up on Thursday. That doesn’t count towards the reading goal.


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