Updates (new post schedule)

Howdy, long time no post. Unfortunately.

I love books,  I love reading, and I love this blog. I also love my new job!

But between school and my job, I haven’t had as much time to post reviews as I would like. My reading habits remain unchanged, I still read every chance I get. But writing reviews takes time. I take it seriously because I love doing it and I want each review to be the best it can be. I want my reviews to be as honest and accurate to myself as possible and I feel like doing a rush job on my reviews wouldn’t be true to me and it wouldn’t be fun for people to read.

So I’ve decided that two posts a week is too much for now. I’ll temporarily be bumping down my posts to once a week, posting on Fridays (starting this week). Eventually, hopefully this summer, I’ll get back to posting twice a week (Monday and Friday).

I’ll admit, I’m already looking forward to when I can post twice a week again, I didn’t realize how much I  missed it. But in the mean time, once a week will do.

Thanks for your understanding and I’ll see you on Friday!


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