Bookish Recap (June)


I got so majorly sick this month that I didn’t think that I’d be able to read, but spending 4+ days in bed really helped, as it turns out! I also started helping out with book tours and blitzes which I’m really excited about. I love being able to help authors and already I’ve found some new favorites thanks to participating in them! Also, as you might have noticed I’ve mostly gone back to my twice a week updates on Tuesday and Friday. Hopefully I can keep this up, at least for the summer and then tweak it once school starts back.

I finished a good bunch of books that I had started, so this month was very good reading wise! I also managed to get a lot of diversity in my books which is always a plus. Also as you can tell from the list, I largely rated books 4 stars this month and that’s always lovely! I felt like this year started off with some major misses for me, so to run into a string of books I truly enjoy is so nice.

To add to the endless bookish joy, I finished my Goodreads challenge!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.59.58 PM

See? Proof!

I kept it low so that I could focus on reading for enjoyment and feel free to re-read books as well. In the past I’ve hardly let myself do that, and I think it’s held me back reading wise. Setting the goal low was definitely the right thing for me.

I managed to read two books (Darkness Released, and Guilty Pleasures) for Cornerfolds 2016 Horror Reading Challenge, meaning I’m on track for my goal of 10 horror books. Woots!

Onto the list…

Books read:




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