Books I’m Dreading (Part 2)

I had a lot of fun doing the first post of this and am going to keep it as an ongoing thing.

Now as stated in the first edition of this, I might be dreading these books, but I’m also really looking forward to them. You can see the problem. But I know I’m not the only one that feels this way about certain books. I’d love to hear what books you’re dreading/looking forward to. Feel free to comment your take on any of these books too!

A Court of Thorns and Roses


Bless the fans and everyone involved in this book for giving us a nice abbreviation for this  monster of a title. Honestly? I have no interest in reading the first book but I really want to read the second book (seriously y’all stop drawing awesome fan art). I  mean it should be something I’d like, the premise is apparently a spin off of Beauty and the Beast. As in it has some elements of the story but is pretty far from it. Goodness knows that is one of my favorite faerie tales (seriously I have read so many wonderful variations of it). ACOTAR has politics and strong world building too if the hype is to be believed. But it also has abusive relationships and is more on the New Adult side, and I’ve had a hard time so far finding NA books I’ve liked. Despite all the promise and fan art, this book just might not be for me and I’m dreading my potential dislike of it. At this point I want to love it cause I love the fandom and want to be a part of that. Also, thick books.



People I trust swear by this book. Said people also really enjoyed Twilight and I love Twilight. But man, the last time I read about aliens it was a Stephen King book with death by alien via toilet. Not my thing. Aliens have never really been my thing outside of comics anyway. But I have read a sample of this book and the writing style seems strong, the cover is mostly green (green is one of my favorite colors), and apparently the heroine has a youtube channel dedicated to books. That all seems promising. But…aliens. I’ll read this one for sure, but kind of worried that this is just going to be another Twilight rip-off, and I hate rip-offs of any kind. But I swear I will eventually give this one a go. Just so long as there’s no death by alien via toilet.

Shadow and Bone


Honestly? I have no interest in this series outside of the bad guy. When the series first came out the plot sounded promising but I just couldn’t get into the writing style. Which is odd because I have Six of Crows which is by the same author and I bought it because I loved all the samples of it I read. But I keep on seeing The Darkling pop up on best villain lists and man I am a sucker for a well written bad guy. On the other hand, I hear that while the setting is supposed to be a tribute to Russia it comes off more as appropriation. That always makes me wary of a book. But…well written villains? When I give this book a go I’ll have to keep that in mind.

The Woman in Black


Look y’all I love horror. I get so frustrated with it though, because rarely do I find books or movies that genuinely frighten me. The movie adaption of this story almost made me cry it was so terrifying to me. When the movie first came out the commercials used a review that said “Don’t see it alone” I like a good girl for once listened to that sage advice. My friend and I were freaking terrified and I slept with my light on for at least a week. I loved it (so uh anyone want to watch it with me again?). True, genuine scares are few and far between with both books and movies, but for me it’s so much harder to be scared by a book. What if the short story isn’t as scary? It’s hard to pull of scares in a short story (short stories are hard in general yo).  What if this doesn’t live up to the promise? I cannot have another Divergent situation. I just can’t.

The Architect of Song


I resent how the blurb starts off “A lady imprisoned by deafness.” Umm what? As a hard of hearing (HoH) person, who’s deaf when I take my hearing aids out, that’s just  offensive. But this book takes place in the Victorian era, so yeah, that would have actually been accurate. The resources people like me have today are astounding (I mean we’ve got a looong way to go, but that’s a story for another time), and next to none of them existed in the Victorian era. And if they did, they weren’t readily available for women. The premise sounds interesting and the setting and time period (Victorian era ftw!) sound like my cup of tea as well. I’m just really hoping that this book was well researched and written respectfully, but I’m also prepared for (and kind of expecting) it not to be. I think this might be the book I’m most nervous about.

While that’s it for this batch, there will be more in the future! My recommendation pile is ever growing and I’m always finding new books I want to read. I’d love to hear your take on any of these books, if you’ve liked or loved them, or if you’re dreading them too. Even if these books aren’t your cup of tea, I’d love to know what books you’re dreading yet looking forward to!


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