Bookish Recap (July)


Soo…we’re now over half way through the year. Dang (and ew; seriously time slowing down would not actually kill us and would be super useful). Earlier this month I did a top 5 faves so far post. Obviously The Martian is on there, but you can find out the rest for yourself. Not sure what my list will look like at the end of the year, but I’m really excited because what’s on the list now might change and that would be cool. But that’s thinking ahead.

As for reading this month I didn’t manage to read a terribly large amount of books, but I read some and that’s good enough for me. Honestly I’m kind of amazed I read as much as I did considering the roller-coaster this month was. On the upside, I wound up greatly enjoying what I read for the most part.

This month is also the last month of twice a week updates. I start school again on August 18th, so for the sake of my sanity I’ll be going back to once a week updates after August 19th. Posts will be up on Friday. Obviously there’s some book tours and special posts I’ll be participating in which will be posted either on Tuesday or Friday. I also have some special posts queued for October and November, so those months will be the exceptions to the rule. (No, seriously y’all I’ve been queuing stuff for those months for the past two months. XD I’m so hyped!)

Anyway, on to the book list!

Twilight (Stephanie Meyer; 5/3 stars)

The Princess Saves Herself in This One (Amanda Lovelace; 5 stars-I swear I’d review it but I have no words for it, just go read it ok?)

Painted Spider (Kathryn A. Williamson; 2.5 stars)

#GIRLBOSS (Sophia Amoruso; 4.5 stars, review live August 2nd)

I think the books that surprised me the most were The Princess Saves Herself in This One and #GIRLBOSS.

Although I really enjoy poetry and sometimes piddle around in it myself, I never buy myself poetry books.  But Amanda offered her book for free for a short time and I snagged it. It was blowing up like wildfire on both Amazon and Tumblr. I knew to expect emotional intensity from the reviews, but I wasn’t expecting the complete encouragement and motivation that I found in this collection. A good part of the time I spent reading this book was just me sitting in awed silence, deeply touched and encouraged by the poem I just read. If you’re into poetry The Princess Saves Herself in This One is a must read. If you’re looking for an excuse to get into poetry, again, a must read.

#GIRLBOSS was my “read in a day” quick and easy read. That was mostly due to the writing style and formatting which was fantastic. But it packed a powerful punch and I’m so grateful that my dad got it for me. I knew what I wanted out of the book and I got it, and a fair bit more. What I loved most about this book was that it’s not just how to be a business woman, it’s a book about how to be a better person. Ultimately the book says you can take the strength of a boss and implement it into your own life which is a pretty cool concept I hadn’t heard of before. It was an empowering and motivational read for sure!

I think Twilight and Painted Spider are pretty self explanatory when it comes to their reviews. I can’t add much more onto what I already said there (ok so maybe I could write a college length essay on Twilight but I’ll spare y’all…for now). I gotta say though, re-reading Twilight was an absolute blast! Still scratching my head over Painted Spider though.

While that’s it for me, but I’d love to hear your book recs and how your month went reading wise!


4 thoughts on “Bookish Recap (July)

  1. What about The Exiled Seven? I saw the book blitz and it looked pretty good. You said you were reading it and I’ve been waiting to hear what you think. I don’t usually read books until they become a popular trend but I’ve been thinking I might take a chance on this one. I like fairy tale retellings, but I’m not a fan of magic, which is why I’m afraid to read The Fire Rose (I know you recommend that one).


    • I’m taking a break from my usual reads to read the Maze Runner series with my nephew. Once I read that, I plan on reading/finishing The Exiled Seven and just about everything else I’m in the middle of (I read multiple books at a time). I’m not far enough into it to tell you one way or the other with magic, although the story has a similar feel to the Tolkien books (which is a huge plus for me, but might not be for you).

      As for the Fire Rose, this might help you decide one way or the other. Magic is a core concept although it’s treated like a special branch of science.

      Hope this helps a bit! 🙂


  2. Actually it does! Treating magic as science puts a different spin on it. Maybe I will check that one out! Definitely can’t wait to hear more about Exiled Seven (I love Tolkien too), and I hope you post your thoughts on Maze Runner when you’re done with those as well!


    • That’s one element of the book I loved. The relationships are developed over this learning of magic and the rules that go with it. And it’s a major challenge because like a science, there’s rules to be followed or things are going to go wrong. To me it’s just really well done. Lackey has a way of taking classic elements and putting a fresh spin on them.

      Honestly, I really need to go back and re-read it and do a review!

      I’ll for sure be reviewing the Maze Runner! It’s really interesting so far.


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