During the time I was away I made quite a few tweaks to the blog.

First of which is what genres I’ll be reading in the future. I had over ten genres I would read and review, and while that was fun, I feel like it would be easier on all of us if there was a bit more cohesiveness. I also noticed a pattern in which genres I read more of, so I decided to stick with those.

From here on out, while there will be the odd ball book from time to time, the genres I’ll be reviewing are the following:

  • Horror/Paranormal (especially weird fiction)
  • Fantasy (any)
  • Mystery (any)
  • Thriller/suspense (any)
  • Historical fiction that falls within those genres

I also am making more of a move toward reading adult fiction. Fret not though! If it’s YA and falls into the above genres, I’ll still give it a go. Just expect more adult fiction in the future.

If you’re an author of any of the above genres you’ll be happy to know that reviews and book promotion are once again open! Check out the updated About Reviews and streamlined For Authors pages if you’d like to request a review.

I’ve made some tweaks to some of the pages (updated Must Reads and changed the title of “Past Reviews” to “All Reviews”), so check those out when you get the chance. I also added a new page, Reviews by Genre which will hopefully help you track down the sort of review you’re looking for more easily.

What y’all are probably most interested in and excited about is new posts! To make sure that I can stay on top of things and bring y’all the best content, I’ll only be posting once a week on Fridays. There will no doubt be some exceptions to the rule as I’m hoping to participate in more blog tours and book blitzes as well as bring y’all some guest posts. I’ll still be posting theme related lists, and of course, October will still be dedicated exclusively to horror and weird fiction. The monthly Bookish Recap is here to stay, although it will be tweaked.

I’m excited for these changes and am really happy that I’m going this route. I think this will make things more fun and more manageable. Which obviously means more posts and more books!


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