Bookish Recap (May)


I’m back! It is so freaking great to be back! I could go on about how excited I am to actually be able to do this again but I’ll spare y’all.

Point is! This month had a lot of changes starting with a new post schedule, revamps to blog pages and clarification of which genres I will read and review. You can check all of that out in more detail here.

Because of these changes I’ve also decided to change how I do the monthly recap. Instead of doing a recap of all books I’ve read for the month I’m doing a recap on posts for the month and a sneak peek at next month. Missed a post? This will help you catch up!

Why the change? Some months I’ll read a lot more books than I have the chance to review so just doing a post recap will hopefully save us all some confusion. It also is pretty similar to what I’ve been doing, so it won’t be too much of a leap.

Book Reviews for May:

Whispers in the Dark (Pam Jernigan; 4 stars)
The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins; 5 stars)
The Turning (Francine Prose; 3 stars)

Other Posts:
On My Wishlist (Before She Ignites; Jodi Meadows)

I really cannot recommend Whispers in the Dark and The Hunger Games enough. I feel like both really do something new to their genres. While I am making a (slow) move towards adult fiction, there’s a lot of dark YA books out there that I’m working through. So expect some more YA horror and fantasy next month!


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