The Last Bookish Recap


As I stated in the July Bookish Recap, this is my last month book blogging. Thank you so much for your support this two and a half years (a little more than that actually). I’ve had a wonderful time sharing my bookish thoughts with you and hearing your thoughts. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in some fantastic book tours as well. I’ll be moving away from book blogging so that I can concentrate on my own writing and photography (but mostly the writing). For those of you that are interested, my author blog will update once a month starting in September. Every so often I’ll feature the odd book review. I write mostly historical fiction with a dark speculative twist.

While I will no longer be updating Anna’s Library, I am going to keep the blog up for archival purposes. I know that quite a few of you have found books based on my reviews (which makes me super happy!) and I would like to keep this as a resource for people looking for new books. I have taken down the pages that are no longer relevant to reflect this.

Now for the fun stuff!

As this is the last Bookish Recap, I’m doing things a little differently. First there will be the usual bookish recap of August, then I’ll be recapping my favorite posts.

August Recap: August was a great month! I participated in two book tours and re-read an old favorite.

Book Tours/Reviews:
The Thirteenth Gate Book Tour
(Kat Ross)
To Tame a Wild Heart Book Tour (Gwen Mitchell)
Coraline (Neil Gaiman; 4.5 stars)

Bookish Lists:
Nerdy Books

And now here are some of my all time favorite posts. I picked my three favorite book reviews and three favorite bookish posts.

Top Three Favorite Book Reviews:

The Martian (Andy Weir; 5 stars): For how much I’ve said about this book and for how many previous lists I’ve put the book on, there’s no doubt this book would make it onto the list! It’s still one of my all time favorites and I plan to re-read it this November.


A Madness of Angels (Kate Griffin; 5 stars): This book blew me away. It’s such an interesting and unique book, yet I’ve come to find that few people have heard of it. It was one of my earlier reviews, but reading and reviewing it was so much fun. Like I say in the review, “read now, thank me later.”


Insomnia (Stephen King; 4 stars): While not a 5 star review like the others, I feel like Insomnia is one of the overlooked books by King. Also, reviewing this tome of a book was a challenge, especially considering how many details there were. I really did enjoy this book and wish more people would give it a chance. It’s a fantastic example of weird fiction (instead of King’s usual horror) and all around great storytelling.

Honorable Mention: The review for this book, both a 5 star and 3 star rating makes this review the only one of its kind on the blog. Not to mention it’s one of my favorites. So the honorable mention goes to Twilight (Stephanie Meyer).

Top Three Favorite Bookish Posts:

TBR List: Publisher Style: While I really loved making the TBR lists, I think this one was the most fun. It’s not a typical way to decide how to read books and I liked being able to share that.

Book Haul: Birthday Style: This was a long list! But it was a lot of fun to do! I got so many books that I had been excited about for so long. I also got introduced to some new books (such as the The Shiva trilogy) and some old favorites. Not going to lie, I also had a lot of fun making my own little book tower. If you missed that post I really encourage you to check it out. I got a wide variety of books so hopefully you’ll find something that perks your interest!

TBR: Airport Edition: Ok, so I actually got about 1/3rd into one of the books on the list and while I loved it, I got so distracted by exploring everything that I kind of dropped reading. Whoops! I still have all these books safe on my Kindle and am looking forward to reading (and finishing) them. I have fond memories of browsing Amazon to hunt these babies down.


Thank you so much for sharing this bookish venture with me. I loved being able to share my thoughts with y’all. It’s been a rewarding and fun adventure. Happy reading!  ~Anna


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