About Reviews

I am currently open to reviews.

I read and review books in the following genres:

  • Horror/Paranormal (especially weird fiction)
  • Fantasy (any)
  • Mystery (any)
  • Thriller/suspense (any)
  • Historical fiction that falls within those genres

I prefer adult books although I am open to reading YA lit within these genres as well.

I am not usually a fan of romance, but if the story falls into these genres and has diversity in it, I am willing to give it a chance.

How I rate:

I rate books on a 5 star scale, the average rating being 3.5:

5 stars: I couldn’t find a flaw in this book and would recommend it to just about anyone.

4-4.5 stars: There was maybe one or two small flaws in the book, but I would highly recommend it.

3-3.5 stars: It was a good and fun read, there was just something off about it that was hard to overlook. I’d recommend this book to most people, specifically those in the targeted audience.

2-2.5 stars: I had a hard time finishing this book. There was just too many things that rubbed me the wrong way. OR I didn’t finish this book despite reaching or getting beyond the half way point. Just too many issues. Either way, I wouldn’t recommend this book.

1-1.5 stars: I hate that I spent any time reading this book despite the fact I probably didn’t finish it. I found something deeply offensive, triggering, or frustrating about it. I would never recommend this book.