For Authors

I am currently open to reviews and promotion requests

If you’re an author this page is for you! Here is all the information you’ll need if you want to request a book review or book promotion. Please send all requests to annasbooksnstuff[at]gmail[dot]com.

Requesting a review:

Please give me the following:

  • Title of book
  • Genre
  • Synopsis
  • Social media links for yourself and the book
  • Is this an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy)?
  • Is this a part of a blog tour? If so, please provide details and dates of blog tour.
  • Deadline if any.

I only review books from the following genres:

  • Horror (especially weird fiction)
  • Fantasy (any)
  • Mystery (any)
  • Thriller/suspense (any)
  • Historical fiction that falls within those genres

I do have a preference for adult books but I am more than willing to read YA books that fall within these genres.


Keep in mind:

  • My average rating is around 3.5 stars
  • Even if your book falls into my preferred genres, I still might say no.
  • If no date is given I will review the book within a month of receiving it.
  • If I mark your book as a DNF (did not finish) or have a negative review of it, I will let you know and it will be your call as to if I publish the review or not.


Requesting book promotion:

If you have a book coming out within my preferred genres and would like me to help promote it outside of a book review, feel free to request some book promotion! When emailing me, please give me the following information:

Have I read any of your works before? If so, did I give them a 3 star or above rating?

If no please request a review before asking for book promotion.

If yes please give me the following information:

  • Name of book you’d like me to promote
  • Genre
  • Synopsis
  • Release date
  • Have I previously reviewed this book?
  • How would you like me to promote? (sample, cover reveal, interview with you, etc.)
  • Is this a part of a book tour? If so, please provide details and dates of blog tour.
  • Anything else you’d like me to know?

Please keep in mind that previously working with you does not guarantee that I will be able to say yes to helping you promote your book.