Reviews by Genre

Sometimes you know exactly what you want. To help you with that here are all of my reviews categorized by genre. If you’re simply looking for any book review in Adult, Middle Grade/YA, or Non-fiction, the All Reviews page is your best bet. But if you’d rather explore my book reviews by specific genres (such as horror, fantasy, etc.) then you’ve come to the right place!

Genres are listed in alphabetical order with Non-fiction at the bottom of the page. Within each genre each book is listed in alphabetical order by author. I have combined some genres that have a greater overlap (such as Dystopian and Science Fiction), and have given preference to the first genre listed.

For example: You’ll find The Raven Boys in the Paranormal section (as opposed to romance or mystery) because that’s the first genre listed by the publisher.


  • I Funny (James Patterson; 4 stars)


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